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The Finish Line

The Finish Line


The last push, the final mile. A runner knows there is the last kick, an adrenaline-pushed spike to complete that last bit when that goal comes into sight. Authors know that as well. Here I am looking at the finish line for my new novel Mystic Girl. I have the anticipatory lift in heart rate, my focus razor-sharp. Yesterday the formatted content was ready. Today again I am checking for any needed fixes. It looks like a real book!! The cover will be finished soon and then it will be uploaded for producing a proof copy. Soon thereafter it will be available to order from me or online.

Covid has certainly put a wrinkle in my book launch plans! I want to party and celebrate but I want everyone to be safe and healthy. I want people to come to see and hear about my book. This one was much more of a project than my previous book. It took so much more to get this story told the way it needed to be shared. There is the story of my main character Gaea (Guy-a), she is a somewhat typical little girl that loves to read and ride horses. Then there are the Viking or Norse gods, Odin, Thor, Loki, and company. They have a place in my book. The setting is Mystic Connecticut in current time. I would love to personally introduce you to these characters.


To go along with my story, I will be offering classroom and library author visits. These will include a reading, storytelling, discussion and lessons on how to play Hnefatafl the Viking chess game. I will give instruction on how to make your own game board from poster board or other material and paper, clay or other crafted playing pieces.  If you would like information or to book an in-person or virtual visit let me know, you can email me at


Have you ever seen Equine Vaulting? This is gymnastics on horseback. Gaea (Guy-a) my main character begins vaulting on a Morgan horse in my story. If you have never seen this amazing sport take a quick look here;


Mystic Girl will be available in hardcover, paperback, and e-book formats. I will soon announce the date it is available for order. Follow my blog or send me your email address to join my newsletter group for announcements.

MYSTIC GIRL is coming to a bookshelf near you!!

Vermont  of Yesteryear is Waiting For You

Vermont of Yesteryear is Waiting For You

It was a time to enjoy a slower pace, my annual trip to Vermont. The many iconic images of Vermont were revival for the senses, Granite,  the Sugar Maple, the Morgan horse, Green Mountains and country stores. It is here on roads that wander between mountain and valley that I recharged my battery over a work… Continue Reading

Weather Vanes Series; Point to Stories  Part 1

Weather Vanes Series; Point to Stories Part 1

       I love weather vanes. They show you a little about the place or people that live and work below their direction. They  are steady and withstand storms and always helping show the way of the wind. They are whimsical and historical and creative and simple all in one.                                                                         My favorite weather vane adorns… Continue Reading

1 Author, 3 Horses, Thoroughbreds,Lippitt Morgans and Me

1 Author, 3 Horses, Thoroughbreds,Lippitt Morgans and Me

Tonight I was watching the Saratoga Yearling Sales Streaming Live from  I have, since childhood wanted to see the sales at Saratoga. Those days I wore a thin path through the commercial carpet in the school library to the shelves that held the collection of books by C.W.Anderson. Weekly I walked over to carefully select… Continue Reading