Dirty Jobs – Birthing a Cow – Going to the Fair!

Dirty Jobs – Birthing a Cow – Going to the Fair!

This is a near daily occurance on our farm.  Each cow gives birth every year to create that steady supply of milk. The cow is incredibly generous and efficient making far more milk than her baby needs, enough milk to share with my family and yours!  In the summer when all  the “close” cows  ( close to calving time) are out to pasture the roadside becomes a viewing area as many cows choose to give birth  where a watchful eye can see them.

Another advantage of the “close” pasture is that  the whole thing is about 20 acres and is between the main dairy and our house so the kids can ride back and forth.

Besides the usual milk production these youth are at the County 4-H fair showing their calves. For many years we leased cattle to my club kids so they could show and be part of this educational opportunity.

4-H and Dairy Farming are a lot of work but worth every minute, remember the farmers when you buy your next jug of milk and buy local. try ours http://www.mountaindairy.com/                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

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