Socks Without Partners

Laundry Day could be more fun! We have lived through the era of Black Socks ( they never get dirty)and now have succumbed to the sock pirates for surely they made off with a lot of single socks and left us with the basket of mismatched. I think it is time that we start up a website and support services for Socks without Partners.
Have you ever tried wearing the mismatched and feel like your feet are fighting all day? Does the left, happily clad in black crew snicker over at the right foot covered only in white ankle high. Do you wait in fear all day that someone will ask you to remove your shoes and you will have to fess up to the Sock pirates in your house.
Celebrate diversity wear the mismatched! Don’t let them languish away their life expectancy in a basket. Somewhere out there a ship is sailing to port and high in the rigging is the mate your sock has been yearning for.
The music of Bill Harley helps us live in peace with our sock pirates and refresh the sibling rivalry we once enjoyed. Did you ever think that something as simple as socks and underwear could be substance for storytelling and music. Look around at life it is full of stories.

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