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ABOUT Carolyn Stearns Storyteller, Author, Announcer

Storyteller for all ages, sharing performances in schools, libraries , museums, social organizations, house concerts, festivals, camps, business settings and more.

Author of “How Far is Safe?” launching August 14, 2021 1-4 pm at the Donkey Museum in Hebron CT

Author of “Christmas Spirits” a historical fiction original short story for performance, now an illustrated holiday book. If you are too old for Santa Claus you are ready for Christmas Spirits!

You can hear a clip of a story by listening here. On your computer click on file, then “open” and type in the following address. Be sure your speakers are on and volume up.

The Bloody Wither

….the great King was wounded. He slumped on his magnificent horse the blood dripping from a gaping chest wound. The mare sensing the condition of her master turned and… find out what happened come listen to storyteller Carolyn Stearns.

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S.T.E.A.M. Ice Cream on Facebook     This is a workshop or demonstration  Science, Technology, Engineering, Art (Storytelling) and Math, together with recycled junk we create the power for a 20 quart ice cream maker. Learning never tasted so good!


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Short Bios of Carolyn Stearns Storyteller

The many hats of Carolyn Stearns include storyteller, public speaker, farmer, 4-H leader, community activist, letterboxer, FFA supporter, friend to youth. Her storytelling takes experiences from all avenues and blends them with a language full of color and mood. Carolyn resides on the dairy farm that has seen 11 generations walk the same fields on the Eastern Ct. hilltop. Her life long love of horses and of history come pouring out in tales.

Storyteller Carolyn Stearns has walked the woods and trails of Eastern Ct. She has sat by the fire in some of its oldest houses and spins the tales as they were done 200 years ago. Where the Atlantic Ocean crashes to the shores she has watched the last of the old ships go down to sea and hears the echoes of long ago sailors as they make their way home to port. Let Carolyn’s stories transport you through time to a place where life was slower and heroism and strength prevailed.

Carolyn Stearns has been developing the skills of a storyteller all her life. From a first job in her teen years as a museum docent , to giving tours of the family farm to hundreds of school children and on to teaching 4-H members life skills. All these practical applications developed a love of stories that teach and thrill and Carolyn now has honed them to perfection as they tumble forward to your ear and dwell a long time in your mind. Let Carolyn’s tales open a world of language and lost stories to you.

Carolyn Stearns is the kind of storyteller you would have found in old New England, and her favorite stories to tell are historical tales. She enjoys producing events and social media. She lives in Storrs/Mansfield, CT.

Carolyn Stearns awarded the 2014 Barbara L. Reed Award for Service to CT Storytelling and the National Storytelling network 2014 Oracle Award for Service and Leadership in the Northeast.

Carolyn Stearns storytelling CD “George Henry Story – The Man Who Painted Lincoln”, published December 2013 was awarded the 2014 Parents’ Choice Silver Award and the NAPPA Honors.


August 2021 debut novel launches, “How Far is Safe?  Here is a comment from a blog follower after reading about the pending publication:


My taste buds are tingling, my heart is smiling and my brain is eagerly anticipating reading this book. 
Can you please put me down for a copy from the first box?

2020 I have completed a manuscript for a Picture Book titled The House Women Built and it is in the query phase. Work on my three novels querying and editing continues.

Nov 2020 I wrote a fourth novel for the NaNoWriMo challenge. Research of WWI kept it interesting! This one will be finished in 2021

2019 I participated in NaNoWriMo writing challenge to complete a 50,000 word novel in November I completed 72,000 words of an adult novel currently in edits.

2018 I wrote a Middle Grade Novel titled Mystic Girl – in search of the right agent or publisher for this project 2020 currently finishing up edits

2017 I wrote How Far is Safe a Middle Grade novel Currently querying publishers and hoping it finds one!

2015 Launched – I am an author! My single short story book Christmas Spirits came out  in time for the holiday season! It was a request of so many audience members at holiday performances.