Programs/ Workshops

Author – Storyteller School Visit

Book an author storyteller visit for grade 3 through high school. Storytelling/ oral narrative versus the book. Talking points include story building, character, setting, themes, and voice. Book discussion and or writing inspiration. Programs begin at $300.00

Storytelling Performances and Workshops for Kids and Adults

Mystic Girl and Viking Chess/Hnefatafl 

My novel Mystic Girl is a twist of mythology with a current-day little girl. Vikings in Mystic CT? Sure why not! Program includes storytelling Viking / Norse mythology, reading from Mystic Girl and a workshop to make and play Hnefatafl.

(virtual and social distanced programs available)

New Workshop “The Intersection of Storytelling and Social Emotional Learning” had its debut Nov. 2, 2019 at CT After School Network Annual Conference Hartford CT

Christmas Spirits;  The Book and the Performance

A classic tale in storytelling performance to highlight your holiday season. This original piece is historical fiction, only the main characters have been added to carry you to all the historical people and places that are linked through time and place, Newport RI and New York City at Christmas.

Here is a              blog link             about the story.

Book a Date Now to hear it:  email or call me to select a date

To get an autographed copy “Hot off the Press”; Mail a check for $7.00 plus $3.00 shipping to Carolyn Stearns Storyteller
440 Mansfield City Rd.
Storrs, CT 0626

“Christmas Spirits” By; Carolyn Stearns  is on Amazon: 

Storytelling Special Rate: Attention Mansfield, CT and Coventry, CT schools and organizations call for a special rate while they last, just a few each year to my hometowns!

BLOCK BOOKING DISCOUNT APPLIES! Book 3 or more events in a year for a serious reduction in fee, or partner with sister organizations to receive the same discount!


My workshop ” My Roots are Showing, Collecting and Telling Family Historical Stories” that was presented at the National Storytelling Conference in Kansas City MO., 2016 was also offered at the LANES Sharing the Fire Storytelling Conference in Plymouth MA March 24-25-26, 2017 – Was offered at the Virtual CT Storytelling Festival April 24, 2021!  book this workshop for your organization!

Workshop: My Roots Are Showing; Collecting and Telling Historical Family Stories

75, 90 minute or 3 hour workshop to help attendees find and tell family stories. Character and setting development, research and prompting to seek stories from family members included.

You can book this for your organization or family reunion!

Prices start at $350.00  860-690-4292


Your family reunion, party or weekend gathering can have my storytelling make it memorable!

Donate a program to your child’s or Grandchildren’s schools for a holiday gift!  Need some ideas for a curriculum aligned program?

A Testimonial:

“I have never seen my students so excited to hear a story before and be so attentive. Mrs. Stearns is an amazing and fascinating story teller – she brings a story to life!”

Teacher Grade 3 Chamberlain School New Britain

Program Suggestions:

  • The Civil War                                            *Presidents Day Program
  • Nautical Stories                                          *George Henry Story – The Man Who Painted Lincoln
  • “Characters” a performance of interesting people leaping from the past to life
  • Behind the Music                                       *Valentines Day Program
  • Animal Stories                                           *St. Patrick’s Day Program
  • Family Stories                                              *Earth Day programs
  • All Horse Stories                                         *Memorial Day / Veterans Day programs
  • Ct. History                                                   *4th of July Program
  • Textiles                                                        *Halloween
  • Travel Stories                                               *Thanksgiving Program
  • Youth Empowerment                                   *Christmas Program
  • Woman Empowerment                                 *Power of Youth
  • Wild West                                                     *Art; a story palette
  • Folk and Fairy Tales                                     *Christian Storytelling
  • Scary Stories                                                  *Library Summer Reading programs
  • Historical                                                        * Revolutionary War
  • Camp Fire Tales                                             *Mass. History
  • New England Heritage                                   *Agricultural Programs
  • Tree and Woodland Stories                             *Travel Stories
  • custom programs available                            *Spinning Tales, told while spinning yarn

Student Comment – “…My most favorite thing was when the storyteller came in and told us a story and then we planted green beans….”  Grade 2 Windham, CT

Basic 45 minute to 1 hour program is $300.00 ( in eastern CT, $350.00 elsewhere)

an accompanying craft activity available  for an additional $10.00-50.00 varies by craft and number of students

Residency, multiple performances per day begin  at $400.00

My Workshops

Family Storytelling Workshop/Resources/Performances

Workshop: My Roots Are Showing; Collecting and Telling Family Stories

90 minute workshop to help attendees find and tell family stories. Character and setting development, research and prompting to seek stories from family members included.


Prices start at $350.00

(as given at the National Storytelling Conference 2016 Kansas City MO. and Sharing the Fire; Northeast Storytelling Conference 2017)


S.T.E.A.M. Ice Cream

Carolyn Stearns uses over 30 years experience as a 4-H leader, experience on the family dairy and in classrooms to build a novel program. Your students and patrons have never been so engaged in learning while having fun! The alternative energy component is simple and easy enough to challenge kids to replicate for home use. Engage all the curriculum areas as we challenge the next generation to find a better way to power everything!

S.T.E.A.M. Ice Cream was new in 2012. Expansion plans include more inventive ways to power the ice cream maker. The math challenges students to think and calculate energy as well as learn about and calculate dairy math. Novel problems keep students interested.

The Ice Cream made is from local agricultural production and carries its own lesson of buy local and support local agriculture.

TEAM BUILDING A STORY – A new workshop that incorporates movement and activity with story structure and performance.

Get students up and moving with this workshop designed for education professionals and storytellers in education.


Free Housewife with Workshop

Step back in time to the 1860’s  the time of the American Civil War. What did they wear, what did they carry? Add the details to your historical story. A fun look at the past as we develop a performance enhanced with a few props and appropriate costuming. Make your own housewife to take with you.
Fee w/ supplies included $350.00

Story Palette

A selection of art related stories with incorporated art/craft projects to accompany each story. Stories vary but may include the CT. Charter Oak, The Boy Who Drew Cats, Sadako and the Paper Cranes, Baa Baa Black Sheep and more.
Fee w/ supplies included $350.00

A Story Slam

Like the popular “Moth” of NYC and NPR radio, story slams are the rage. I can help you run a slam on a theme related to your group, business, or family. You secure a prize – need not be fancy. I will do a short workshop to prep telling a personal story then we will run the slam and place our winners. Would be great to post on your Facebook page, and you-tube.
Fee $250.00

Spinning Tales

A performance of storytelling, all tales with spinning in them. These are performed while I card and spin wool. Then I instruct audience in how to spin with a drop spindle and eveybody has a turn making yarn!
Fee $350.00
Performance Only $250.00

Resident Storyteller

4 classes of  2 hours each, booked to compliment host schedule. Participants ( children or adults)  will learn varied skills to help them craft a performance of a story. Can be applied to a curriculum theme or special interest.
Fee with supplies $1000.00


Family Story Resources


Family Chat  by : CherishBOUND  cards with prompts to suggest or remind family members of a story from their past

The Storybook Game: by: FUNDEK  ( isbn: 0-458032-42600-3)  a fun game in a little tiny lunch box that will create hours of story fun for all ages

Rory’s Story Cubes –

see my blog review!



The Oral History Workshop   By: Cynthia Hart with Lisa Samson  Workman Publishing N.Y.  ( isbn: 978-0-7611-5197-5) at $12.95 here is all you need to get you on the road to collecting the family treasure – its stories!


Turn off electronics, eye 2 eye, don’t worry, use a family photo prompt, set aside a time, tell on a car ride, visit site of a story/happening, ask about your child’s day and get their story!

Pieces of Stories:

Humor,  relationships,  ideas,  praise,  emotion,  tears,  grief,  fear,  insult,  character,  action,  places,  time,  history,  heroes,  villains,  suspense,  trauma,  inspiration,  opinions,  dialog  and YOU!

Saving Stories for Future Generations:

Write them out, audio files, video tape, photos with descriptions on back, drawings of settings, MP3, podcast, YouTube, save in more than one format!

Update technology every couple years to newest format and save backup copies elsewhere. (A set at home and a set at grandma’s house)

Family Story Events:

Around the Fireplace, dinnertime, bedtime, campfire, vacation time, on the porch, a picnic, hike /walk, on car rides, reunions, visit to Grandparents, daytrips & at the park.

A quote from the Breadbox Folk Theater 3/19/15 “…the enchanting storytelling by Carolyn Stearns tonight held the audience in rapture”


Announcing Services:

I am an experienced announcer for equine events, youth events, public speaking competitions and historical venues. Contact me for more information on booking an announcer for your next event. In the past I have announced for Brooklyn Fair, Guilford Fair, Lippitt Morgan Horse Show, Bishop Orchard Donkey and Mule Show, Cowboy Mounted Shooting, dairy, goat and beef shows and more.