Storyteller, Announcer and Author Carolyn M. Stearns

Storytelling performance is different from reading aloud, there is a personal connection between the teller and each listener. Spoken Word is the earliest form of the arts. Whether you live in the Quiet Corner of CT. , or beyond Carolyn Stearns Storyteller has a program to fit your needs. The school literacy link provided by a storytelling performance or residency introduces students to new vocabulary and content in a memorable delivery. Carolyn Stearns storyteller has a story for every audience, from agriculture and farm programs, to performance at the Big E New England’s State Fair or a Tellabration storytelling celebration, this is a children’s and adult’s storyteller for all seasons.

Civil War storytelling, full costume and accessories bring the time period to life. This is just one time period of my historical storytelling for museums. New England traditional stories bring your patrons into the era and lives of our ancestors. This is one of my favorite subjects to tell. It takes the history out of the book and makes it live.

We are living next years stories,make the most of it! Carolyn’s wonderful stories inspire, teach, fascinate , and entertain. Events from history come to life and seem like yesterday and her animal stories find a place in your heart. Something for every audience. Share a moment of laughter and wonder with storyteller – Carolyn Stearns email me at mothermoo2001@yahoo.com or carolyn@carolynstearnsstoryteller.com

The farmhouse front porch, the general store checker board, the cozy fireside, these are the places New England’s storytelling tradition began. Carolyn Stearns takes this traditional art form on the road to you. Schools, historical societies, church groups, Scouts, seniors,clubs and after-school all love stories! Book a date now for Storytelling or Announcing – please go to the “Contacts” section in the sidebar.

“I make a simple story one you never forget”


I have a short story published on Amazon, Christmas Spirits. It is the written version of a popular holiday story I perform. That story began an avalanche of writing. I have since produced a collection of spooky short stories, three novels and a picture book.  One is under contract the others waiting for the perfect day a publisher says YES!


Carolyn Stearns Connecticut Storyteller is also a public service announcer. Her voice is heard at many New England venues including Cowboy Mounted Shooting, The New England Donkey and Mule Club shows regularly schedule Carolyn Stearns as announcer, as does the Guilford Fair. The Lippitt Morgan Horse Show in Tunbridge, VT. and Connecticut’s Brooklyn Fair have used announcing services.