Quotes from Sharing the Fire – Northeast Storytelling Conference Olio (program of short pieces) performance March 25, 2017

“Carolyn, by the way- you were fabulous last night. The story you told was superb and the way you told it was magnificent. I was holding my breath. It was absolutely brilliant storytelling. Thank You!”

Geraldine Buckley, storyteller

“Your story last night was well within the realm of one of  the best delivered stories I have ever heard! You were wonderful!”

Dr. Mike Lockett, Normal, Illinois

Comments from Sharing the Fire – Northeast Storytelling Conference Workshop Presentation: My Roots are Showing;Researching and Crafting Historical Family Stories  March 25, 2017

“Carolyn is a mesmerizing storyteller and instructor”

“tons of research tips and techniques”

“dynamic presentation”

“great organized presenter- speaking on iceberg principle 1/8 showing for 7/8 underneath”

“great use of time, lots of info,  relaxed speaker”

“Carolyn, it was so amazing taking your class, and I’m so glad I finally got to meet you! I was the one that was talking about oral histories for my grandma in the Holocaust. Your class was so wonderful at the Sharing the Fire Conference”  Amy O.

“Dear Carolyn, I really appreciated the manner in which you ran your workshop, the sharing of your personal story, connection to the area, providing such a strong sense of place. Your story prompts were terrific, and brought out some really good sensory experiences.” Marjory T.

From My Students and Teachers:

“My favorite activity today was the storyteller because the story was so funny” – student gr.2

“I have never seen my students so excited to hear a story before and be so attentive. Mrs. Stearns is an amazing and fascinating story teller – she brings a story to life!”

Teacher Grade 3 Chamberlain School New Britain


Web Presence Workshop

Carolyn took us through the basic steps but gave us so much more in the process.  She seemed to know what our fears and our questions were and answered them before we could even ask. She gave clear and insightful information and encouragement to try new things and why it is important to do so.”

Chris R.




March 23, 2011 From Storyteller Mary Hamilton as posted to National List-Serv:

“What a treat to hear Carolyn Stearns from the storytellers list-serv. I enjoyed hearing of your adventures, kids, animals, traffic cop stop – you painted the chaos with delight.”

Jan.7,2011 From My Inbox

Great Meeting , Everybody! True to her reputation, Carolyn Stearns was fabulous. We are going to plan a storytelling at the farm this summer..so start getting your ghost stories and smore’s together!…. Carolyn McEvitt, leader, Marlborough 4-H Club

Dec 1, 2010

Dear Carolyn,

Many thanks to you for particpating in our Tellabration! event last month. It was fabulous! Members of the audience did not want to leave they were having so much fun reminiscing and sharing stories about Plainville.

Enclosed is a DVD of the program. I also appreciate all the work you did in coordinating the event with Ruth Hummel ( town historian). I know she was absolutley thrilled about the program.

We hope to see you again in the future! In the meantime, Happy Holidays!

Sincerely, Ronda Guberman Asst. Director, Plainville Senior Citizens Center

From the mailbox:

Carolyn, Thanks so much for another memorable afternoon at Wolf Rock. You really captivate the imaginations of the third graders and adults alike!    Deb Csere | Vinton School


Thank you so much, what a truly fascinating story!!  I haved loved reading it.  You are amazing!!  What interesting adventures you have & your way of telling the story is fantastic!! ( re; blog  our horse UC Daybreak and the Police in 4 parts)

Sandy Bates
Library Associate
Youth Services
Aberdeen Timberland Regional Library

Bruce John of the BreadBox Performers Showcase :

“You did a great job. You become so immersed in your stories you bring your audience into the story with you.  Very cool !”

I can’t say enough…

about Carolyn Stearns Talent that can touch the hearts of young and old alike. She has entertained many of us around campfire at many two day Cowboy Mounted Shooting events. I love the way she tells a story, she is able to take you right along with the main character from dark pathways on a windy night to the dusty streets of Tombstone. You can actually put yourself right in the story.

Story telling of this caliber has just about become a lost art. It’s not only refreshing to listen to these stories it takes the older folks back to the days when grandma and grandpa would spin yarns. I really can’t speak for the younger set, but it may be their first real experience to actually hear a story that’s not coming from a television or a computer. What a treat!

I have also been blessed with Carolyn’s singing and scripture reading at cowboy church at many of our two day shooting events.

When you have Carolyn come out to your event ask her to tell the one about the rope. It’s one of my favorites.

Cathie Hatrick-Anderson

Bobcat Farm

 “Next, our own Carolyn Stearns…

…from this listserv, who drove all the way from Connecticut took the mic. I never had the pleasure before of meeting Carolyn, except in cyber space, and it was a delight to finally connect and listen to her tell. She shared an interesting, historical story about a young man who fought heroically at Gettysburg and ended up starting the first baseball team when he returned home. There was that audible “ahhhh” moment when she finished. Perfect.”     1/31/09   Artworks Open Mic  ( New Bedford, Ma.)  Karen Chace


What a great time…

…we had listening to Carolyn’s stories at our annual FFA banquet this year! We needed a change of pace from our typical banquet routine and that is exactly what we got! I highly recommend for other youth groups to invite Carolyn in.  She will entertain, bring history to life, and teach our youth how to deliver a great story themselves!

Cheryl Matthewson

Ray FFA Advisor


Oct 10, 2008

Dear Carolyn, Your Folk and Fairy Tale program was fabulous! We would love to have you back soon to share more of your stories! Thanks Again, Jessica, Babcock Library, Ashford Ct.


Sept. 23, 2008

Carolyn, Thanks you so much! Your storytelling was fabulous. Everyone really enjoyed it! Best- Elizabeth Menke, Weston Women’s League


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George Story- “The Man Who Painted Lincoln”   Artist born in CT 1835  becomes painter of the portrait of the 16th President, Abraham Lincoln. This performance is great for schools, CT. History, art venues, historical societies, New Haven CT!, Ship and nautical venues, Civil War programs. George Story really has a great story!