Simple Pleasures – Christmas Spirits

Simple Pleasures – Christmas Spirits

A few years ago this story fell in my lap. I was hunting for something to share over the holidays and piece by piece this came to me. It was as if the story had been waiting to be found and  left a trail of clues for me to follow. “Christmas Spirits” is historical fiction. The two main characters are fictional, the places and people are old New York City are history.

I’ve shared this story in many locations from my church here in Mansfield Center CT. to the elegant Ocean House at Watch Hill, RI. Each time I tell it, someone comments about loving the simple pleasures of Christmas. “Christmas Spirits” is a new classic. You can fall in love with New York City magic and a budding love story.

This week I illustrated the story with posts on my “Christmas Spirits” Pinterest page. If you have heard the story you will love the pictures I found to relate. If you have not heard Christmas Spirits the Pinterest page will put you in the Christmas mood. Here is the link:

Who is in the story?

  • a President
  • Clement Clarke Moore
  • a blind woman
  • a baseball player
  • an organist
  • a Burgermeister
  • who else? Come listen and see

November and December are the perfect time to book a “Christmas Spirits” performance for your family event, corporate entertainment, civic group party, church, or build a party around it as house concert.  My website is:

UPDATE: Christmas Spirits is now available as a book from Amazon I am a proud new author, here is the link:
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