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Unicorn Spotted In New York? White Deer Stories

Whenever nature paints her palette with a new color or a profound event then stories tell us why. For centuries the stories and legends  , myths and hunters tales have captivated our imagination  as we hear about the spirits in the White Deer. I’ve seen one myself, it is magical especially on a foggy morning when you repeatedly rub sleep from your eyes to believe what creature stands before you! My white deer was seen on several occasions, no mistaking its piebald coat with just a sprinkle of brown spots along the top line. She was not albino but a true piebald ( multi color) with white her predominate color. I count myself most fortunate to have seen her.

To learn more about white deer check out these resources:
 S.E>Schlosser “Spooky New York”

from the Lenape People:

The White Deer and other stories Told by the Lenape   isbn: 9780688129002    publ. 1995

I tell about seeing the  White Deer in programs of Nature, Outdoors and Native Peoples when I am storytelling.   For more info on those programs