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Weather Vanes Series; Point to Stories  Part 1

Weather Vanes Series; Point to Stories Part 1

       I love weather vanes. They show you a little about the place or people that live and work below their direction. They  are steady and withstand storms and always helping show the way of the wind. They are whimsical and historical and creative and simple all in one.

My favorite weather vane adorns the top of Whitney Hall .at the University of Connecticut. On this day the wise owls are pointing to the College of Agriculture and the Second Congregational Church whose weather vane is equally beautiful.
Let this weather vane point you in the direction of some great stories, here are owl story links to go with it:
Incredible Story from Simon and Schuster books watch the video on the site:


No Owl Section would be complete without a spot dedicated to Jane Yolen’s, Owl Moon!


Here is the Second Congregational Church and although you can’t quite make out the weather vane I love how the steeple is lighted. The vane is  gilded  and  has been a landmark in town and on the campus of the University of Connecticut since its construction.


The Historic Congregational Church at Lebanon, CT sports this artistic gilded weather vane.

Some links to stories of and about church:
 First Church of Christ Mansfield Center UCC, will soon host a special storytelling event “The Gospel of Mark Alive” presented by Storyteller Rev. Bert Marshall  November 27 at 2 p.m. You can see a blog post about the event at:

Need a laugh here are some humorous stories with a church theme I recommend the
 Story of the Two Little Boys!

Hear Jonah’s Tale on You-Tube:

Another Lebanon, CT. weather vane from the top of the Town Hall of an early sulky racer. These weather vanes were pattered after the images of Blackhawk a famous Morgan Horse Stallion. 

Lore of Blackhawk:

This was really a form of early advertising  of his racing record and his record as a breeding stallion. Certainly putting this atop your barn in that day was a proclamation to high quality stock below!

The weathervanes of the era are  highly sought after early American Folk Art check out this sale of a Blackhawk vane at the famous Christie’s in  2002, can you believe $14,100.00! See it here:

This is part 1 of the Weather Vane Series, I will post more vanes which will point you to more fun and enlightening resources. Look for those posts in coming days and weeks. Subscribe or follow to be sure not to miss a single weather vanes post.

Blacksmiths and Artisans made the weather vanes of yesteryear here is a post with links to the Blacksmith trade and stories;

Hope you have had fun wandering my resource collection if you liked something share it with a friend please.