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Review The Great Red Horse Trilogy by Helen Scanlon

Now and then a great horse comes along and is remembered and celebrated for who he was to a breed or sport and its people. UC Ringmaster was just such a horse. The UC is for the University of Connecticut where he was born. I just had the pleasure of recalling those days as I read three excellent books by local author Helen Scanlon. If you read aloud to your children or grandchildren, have a classroom, daycare or library do consider these books. The trilogy covers his birth in book one. His show career and his rise to fame in book two and his legacy and prodigy in book three.

These books are written with a light, artistic pen that plays with the words and sounds. The author is also the illustrator of the trilogy. Her pen and brush take similar strokes to paint a picture of this legendary horse. The wash of watercolor over the page is soft and enticing as she depicts the first steps, a mother’s love, and a championship in the show ring.

I have great memories of watching UC Ringmaster in the show ring. I remember him in the barn at UCONN as a youngster and later when he returned to fulfill his destiny and carry on the great Morgan horse breeding legacy that was part of the founding of the university. Later we were fortunate to have one of his sons in our barn. UC Daybreak was like his father in so many ways. These books hit such a sentimental chord as it was a remembrance of both of these horses. UC Daybreak made his own brand of fame and often in his escapades mention was made of the resemblance to his father in spirit and attitude as well as looks.

I highly recommend this wonderful trilogy for your equine book collection or introduction; you can’t go wrong!

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UC Daybreak son of UC Ringmaster

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What is a Lippitt Morgan Horse?

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Saddled by: Susan Richards – Book Review

Saddled by: Susan Richards – Book Review

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