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Thanksgiving  A List of Giving Thanks!

Thanksgiving A List of Giving Thanks!

My family – as always I am thankful for my family and this year in particular for my Brother, Steve Marshall. We took a long journey through our parents illness and passing together and I am so grateful to have had him at my side! Thank- You Steve!

Here Steve is at work on the restoration of the Nathan Hale School House Museum at New London, CT.

I am thankful for Grandchildren: There is nothing like the smiles and hugs and kisses of Grandchildren and to hear them call “Grandma!”

                                                  Zoom Zoom Zoom in your homemade car!

I am thankful for family milestones:

                                                   My son Tim graduated from High School    


                                                      William’s Baptism was a special day!

I am Thankful for all my children and all those children I spend time with!

I am Thankful for life’s simple pleasures,


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