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Bing Bang Pling by Deb Adamson

Bing Bang Pling Book Review

By Deb Adamson

Illustrated by: Candice Hartsough


DIY: Do It Yourself; you can encourage that spirit in youngsters with Deb Adamson’s clever new picture book about building, making, family work, and the tools of the trade. Introduce children to the fun of working with your hands and the satisfaction of a product finished. Vocabulary is enhanced with tools labeled and counting skills reinforced on the nuts with bolts of the book. This is a great book to encourage sharing creativity with your kids! I bought mine at Tru-Valu, what better place to encourage DIY!  The text is enhanced with wonderful illustrations by Candice Hartsough.

Rosa’s Voice Book Review

Rosa’s Voice by Barbara Connery  –  Book Review   Time to order books for your classroom. Don’t miss this empowering book! Barbara Connery has penned an important book for young people to read. The discovery of the power of public speaking and the confidence to represent yourself and bigger ideas is well portrayed in Barbara’s… Continue Reading

3 Reasons to Attend Connecticut Storytelling Festival

Only three reasons? It is hard for me to choose three reasons to attend the Connecticut Storytelling Festival, but here I go. 1.) 2016 Festival Headliner Tim Lowry; is funny, interesting, educational, and a general character, a historical speaker bringing history to life! Well that is a mouthful, but you will see Tim… Continue Reading

Launch of a Great Ship- The Charles W. Morgan

Launch of a Great Ship- The Charles W. Morgan

        The Charles W. Morgan, the last wooden whaling ship of a bygone era went back into the water on July 21,2013. Her maiden launch was on July 21, 1841 at New Bedford, Ma. Through the talents of countless craftsman and steadfast fundraisers the iconic ship was carefully restored and readied for a launch. Towering over… Continue Reading