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2013 National Storytelling Festival

2013 National Storytelling Festival

The National Storytelling Festival

      What an adventure it is to attend the National Storytelling Festival! I was invited by my friend Norah Dooley who would be telling in the Exchange Place. I have wanted to go to the festival for a long time and 2013 with Norah’s invite, I finally made it there. We’ve travelled together to a story event in the past and enjoy the time to talk story business and for fun!

        I expected to hear great storytelling, I did not expect the beautiful scenery, I really never gave it a thought. The there was the camaraderie, the friends, food and fun! The little town of Jonesborough TN. is a beautiful spot, a classic American Main St. and they know how to host a party.

        My hobby is photography, I am always clicking pictures and  this weekend was no different. I enjoyed just wandering the festival snapping the memories of my first visit to Jonesborough.  Here is a link to the slide show.

        Here are some memories:
a train that we thought would never end, a Gorilla’s breath, Tim Lowry hearing bells, the youngest and oldest listeners at the National Story Slam, Abraham and Isaac -Gettysburg, a Vietnamese dress, breakfast with storytellers, The Ballad of Ronnie Calloway, folks from New Zealand, Native American flute music in the night air from Joe Bruchac, walking up the hill, golf carts, Sisters Italy-Ireland-America, Music with Chuck Brodsky and Rev. Robert Jones, stories, stories, stories…

        The International Storytelling Center hosts the Festival.  The festival staff were a hard working team to make the event so seamless to the visitor.

        I stopped by to visit at the National Storytelling Network’s tent near the Court House and received a warm greeting from our staff and from other storytellers who stopped in to say HI!

        I saw so many storytellers I know. There was also a whole group who seemed much like my Facebook page come alive, there they were in person to talk to – wonderful to finally meet them all!

       Last but not least I got to tell “George Henry Story and the Ghost of New Haven” in the Swap tent. My 10 minutes of story fun in Jonesborough!

You can hear that story I shared on my forth coming CD; George Henry Story- The Man Who Painted Lincoln” it will be out late fall.