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Cowboy & Wills, Monica Holloway; My Review

The temperature outside tonight is in the brisk teens. I have had a very long work week, and yet coming home tonight listening to the last CD in the audio version of Monica Holloway’s book Cowboy and Wills, I sat in the driveway wasting precious gas and running the car heater to  stay with Cowboy to the end of her story. 

 If a divine miracle ever walked the earth with a wagging tail and  doggie breath then Cowboy was it. She was shepherd to  Wills as he broke free the restraints of Autism that held him in such a tight grasp and Cowboy led Wills into the world.  The young dog could only stay a brief time with Wills but managed such an important gift of life in  the  2 1/2 years she graced this earth.

Monica Holloway  has managed through tears and joy to share an intimate look into her family life from the darkest hour to moments of profound triumph. Her gift with word has become an inspiration. Cowboy’s gift immeasurable!

Listening to Monica Holloway read her book  Cowboy and Wills was a pleasure. This was truly a miracle story and the value of pet therapy can only be validated by this all encompassing look at the  work Cowboy did through love.