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New Year Photo Scavenger Hunt

Time for some individual or family fun. Make it a competition or do it for arts sake. Join in to get out of the house. Share your photos on social media with the hashtag #PhotoScavengerHunt

Scavenger Hunt Photo Checklist


Take the Photos Share the Fun!

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☐ Volunteering

☐ Absorbed

☐ Welcoming

☐ Working

☐ Playing

☐ Pair

☐ Hopeful

☐ Reflective

☐ Sporting

☐ Candid



☐ Woodland

☐ Waterway

☐ Colonial

☐ Official

☐ Community

☐ Inspired

☐ Thoughtful

☐ Challenging

To be Interpreted

☐ Stone

☐ Caution

☐ Mini

☐ Angular

☐ Strength

☐ Signed


☐ Restore

☐ Lighted

☐ Pieces

☐ Aisle

☐ Not a house

☐ Alternate Residence

☐ Vaulted

☐ Humble

A Little More Challenging

☐ Venue

☐ Empty

☐ Official

☐ Dark side

☐ Riveting

☐ Pricey

☐ Pathway

☐ Entrance

☐ Doorway

☐ Sight

☐ Flight

☐ Break

☐ Rare

☐ Unity

☐ Exchange

☐ Framed

☐ Abandoned

☐ Span

☐ Reverse

Animals etc

☐ Mother

☐ Close-up

☐ Feeding

☐ Alone

☐ Grooming

☐ Pair

☐ Running

☐ Wings

☐ In the Swim

☐ Group

☐ Feet

☐ Details

☐ At home

On the Hunt for Nature

                                                                    I hunt with a Samsung 8 android phone. My quarry a clandestine meeting with nature along a country road. I walk for health trying to keep in mind the goal of 10,000 steps a day for health and fitness. My usual course is on the road between my home and our family… Continue Reading

A-MAZE-ING If You Give A Donkey an Ice Crea Cone

A-MAZE-ING If You Give A Donkey an Ice Crea Cone

How 2 donkeys helped me promote an event! Summer on Blue Hill had become sooooo boring, event the grass was short. Tobasco wished for an adventure. Tobasco told his friend Jassper about his wish and Jassper wished too! Could they have a DAYCATION? PLEASE! See how I used story to promote an event I was… Continue Reading

Autumn Colors Assignment

Autumn Colors Assignment

Autumn  Colors Time to Practice Storytelling Technique with Prompts 2011 will be a year to remember the lack of color by. The winds of Irene ( Hurricane downgraded to Tropical Storm) wrecked havoc with new England’s quintessential  fall tourism drive.  There are some stunning tress out there but the hills a less aglow and the … Continue Reading

New Images

New Images

I was privileged to attend and share the day yesterday with a program called New Images under the direction of EastConn Educational Services.The youth attending  were all from a middle school seventh and eighth grade. They had gone on field trips produced digital photography, developed  photoshop edits which included adding their own Haiku poetry to… Continue Reading