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Write, Publish, Market That’s the Job

Here are a few things I’m learning about being an author. One, the best moments and comments are worth all the time and energy. For example, seeing a child’s nose glued to the pages of my book, I am thrilled! Two, the writer is only half the job. The real challenge for me is marketing my books.  Let’s take a few minutes to delve into those two items a little deeper.

Two novels

How Far is Safe? has given me such pleasure in the comments and reviews it received. To have people say they could hear my voice was a surprise. To have adults admit to tearing up, then cheering the boy on his journey, is awesome! Having someone read my book and then buy several more for gifts, left me speechless! There are so many moments I have felt deep gratitude and joy in bringing forth my first novel.

I quickly got about 15 reviews, but that is a drop in the bucket in amazon’s world. I appreciate that Amazon has allowed me to take this author’s journey. I am too old to wait on the slow machinations of the traditional publishing world only to be subjected to their opinion of what works in today’s literary world. In Amazon, they use an algorithm to decide what books to promote. Much like the social media channels you use. Popular posts get shown to more people and grow in following. The same for books buried in the realm of Amazon. It takes hundreds of positive reviews for an indie author to get their book noticed. That notice is Amazon suggesting it to shoppers and in turn more sales. Now my second novel is further behind. Mystic Girl is waiting for reviews to be posted.

It isn’t hard to post a few words. I think getting into the technology of it and making the time are the barriers. If you go to the books page in Amazon they ask if you want to review it. There are two options giving it the 1-5 stars and or writing a few words of praise for what you liked about the book. Anything is appreciated both is stupendous.


The second part of the equation is marketing. You have to get out there and talk about your book or books. You need to get that cover in front of people! Social Media is one way. Local events, author events, readings, and donations all play a part. Plan on spending more time marketing and hustling your book than you did writing it! The last part of this marketing thing is don’t settle. If what you tried isn’t working try something else.  If your budget for promotion is small or non-existent you will have to find a grassroots approach.


I’m on this journey to write, publish and market my books. Walk with me a few steps, read a book, review a book, and repeat.

How Far is Safe?

Mystic Girl

Social Media  “You Can’t Make Me”

Social Media “You Can’t Make Me”

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