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Friends of Rockville Library ( Ct. ) Turns out these friends are friends in so many ways. We shared a interest in Ct. History when I brought my show of Connecticut Stories to their meeting at Rockville Library on May 6, 2010. Once we had taken care of where cowboys got their look and a ghost in Natchaug Forest, we moved on to the Civil War native son Edward Whitaker of Ashford and slid easily from there to the open arms of New Haven Harbor. Speaking of open arms well thats how the evening was, like old friends ready to embrace, smiling and warm and welcoming, it was a easy group to share this collection with. In the end we visited a few minutes to learn that several of us have roots in my hometown of Coventry. I left when the sky was painted like a oil painters palette of color and the shadows growing bolder under the trees and the feeling that even on this perfect summer eve it was the stories not the fine weather that made us feel so at home with the Friends of Rockville Library.