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Take Back Childhood

not downtown 002Can you count 10 moments in childhood that you remember as being near perfect? Here are some of mine. These memories have a new job….

#1) Lazy summer days, no agenda, just staying outside all day!

#2) Ice Cream Cones – take it back tonight, go out for ice cream!

#3) Swimming, the Beach or boats

mid summer 028#4) Camping in the backyard

#5) Staying up late, maybe the joy for adults would be going to bed early! Take back the night!

#6 ) Birthday Celebrations¬† “Have your cake and eat it too!”


10 7 61 birthday#7) The Circus

#8) HalloweenOctober-mix-044#9) Family visits

#10) Vacations somewhere special

Their job is to inspire me;

Each item on my list evokes a special memory, some more than one. These are my seeds to family stories. My job is to share them with my children and grandchildren.

Be sure you are helping the children in your life to put away seeds to future stories. Share your stories and give them memorable experiences that they will share one day.

What is on your list that didn’t make it on mine? Leave a mention in the comments below.



You Finish the  Spooky Story

You Finish the Spooky Story

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Local Haunts and Creepy Costumes

Local Haunts and Creepy Costumes

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