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Duke University; Garden Magic in the Making pt. 1

Duke University; Garden Magic in the Making pt. 1

A spring day of warm sun, gentle breeze, scent of flowers and bird song was perfected by a visit to Sarah P.. Duke Gardens in Durham  NC. Join my photo tour of our magical couple of hours and celebrate spring!


The water cascading from this fountain was captivating. The flowers in the center of the fountain are a combination of metal and enamel, they are Iris – my favorite.

Nothing says Grand Gardens more than an exquisite fountain as an entry focal point.  Duke Gardens reminded me of a visit long ago to Longwood Gardens in Pa.  Formal gardens with incredible landscape vistas and no shortage of gardeners to keep it looking perfect even as the season is renewed and  so much is to be done.

This is the fountain at the center of that focal point it is joyous and surrounded by seating and beds of flowers to be the burst of color expected in a few short weeks.

Similar to the grand landscapes of Newport RI, these gardens are enhanced by formal structures for rest and contemplation.

A professional photographer and a bride made their way through the gardens capturing perfect memories.

                               AHHHH! Spring is in the air!