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A Lobster Will  Help Promote a Program

A Lobster Will Help Promote a Program

Is a picture worth a thousand words?

It is when I can make my photography hobby works to promote my storytelling programs!

 1  lobster + 1000 words photo value +  25 words script = Super way to  let people know about an event. This is a pre-conference seminar I’m leading at Sharing the Fire Northeast Storytellers Conference in Albany, New York March 16 from 1-5 p.m.. It is open, I can help Non- Profits, artists, agricultural business and more. Register at

A photograph can elicit emotions, humor,anger, or  even peace as this one does.
So what are your promo pictures saying?
Cute Always Works!
Keep a file of photos to work from and  instant fun promotions begin!
My Web Presence is Dead

My Web Presence is Dead

And Other Fear Factors                                                                              This is your chance to  get over those technology fears and begin to build web presence for marketing through my workshop. Announcing the  4 hour in-depth version to be given in March. It is being offered to anyone, as a pre-conference  at Sharing the Fire the Northeast Storytelling Conference sponsored by Lanes  March… Continue Reading

Report From  the 30 th  CT. Storytelling Festival

Report From the 30 th CT. Storytelling Festival

My Report from the 30 th  Connecticut Storytelling Festival and Conference April 29, 30, May 1, 2011 at Conn. College New London, CT.          Anticipation hardly covers the feeling of excitement  I feel when my car heads toward New London, CT. I know before long my brain will be swirling in a sea of story.… Continue Reading