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Snow Emergencies Strain CT. Agriculture Industry

Snow Emergencies Strain CT. Agriculture Industry

Snow Emergencies have struck Connecticut Agriculture a terrible blow. 

The video shows the removal of the 14th horse from this barn  that collapsed under the weight of snow and ice.  Every day this week the news outlets have carried reports of more roofs in danger of collapse or in many case gone down.  The total loss to  the 3.5 billion dollar industry of CT. Ag. is yet to be determined, and more snow is in the forecast.
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Some suggestions for future heavy snow events:

Clear as much as possible from roof

Have house or barn number clearly marked street side for emergency vehicles to find you!

Have flashlights and batteries on hand

Keep a list of emergency contact numbers in your home and cell phone

Have a list of places to evacuate to  and transportation help

Have 1 or 2 paddocks separate from barns to  move animals to, and away from emergency vehicles

In case you are not home post name and contact info on barn or house

have halters and lead ropes at stall doors for quick removal of horses

take pictures of your buildings for insurance purposes before something happens

watch for signs of strain – cracks, doors not working right, sounds

HEAR IT,     FEAR IT,      GET OUT!!! 

Not just barns  greenhouses, kennels, sheds, stores, schools,  be alert where ever you go!


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