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Peace Like a River

Peace Like a River

I’ve Got Peace Like a River……… In a 5 minute vacation, a 1 hour vacation, Daycation and weekend getaway.  I think I get through really hectic scheduling ( that earned me the nickname DERVISH recently) by being able to see the 5 minute vacation when I need one. Here is a sample:

I saw the beautiful spot and not only acknowledged it, but took time to stop, shut the car engine off and spend five minutes in the sounds of bird song and river! I drove the rest of the way home singing and humming Peace Like A River ( It Is Well With My Soul ).  If you don’t know that classic old hymn here is a sample:

     The song lyrics were written by Horatio Spafford in 1873. They were written after two tragedies in his life. In 1871 he lost his wealth  to the great Chicago Fire. That was followed by the tragic death of his four daughters in a ship crash at sea. He received a telegram from his wife “saved alone”. He set sail for England to meet his wife, as he sailed past the spot where the Ville De Havre was sunk he was inspired by the emotions and wrote this moving piece.
    In 1876 The words of Horatio Spafford were put to the music of Philip Bliss to become a hymn sung so often in the churches of America. Ironically  Philip Bliss died in a train wreck shortly after the piece was published.

A 1 hour vacation is stopping along the way from one event to another to take in a historic site. This is looking down at the base of Meetinghouse Rock in Norwich Ct.

 This is the incredible view settlers of Norwich had when the ascended this hill to share in church services.

   That Daycation would be a wonderful few hours by the sea, I love the sound of the creaking wooden boats at Mystic Seaport.  A strand of a sea chantey in the distance the clip clop of hooves along the cobbles and the laughter of children.
 All Aboard for some well earned vacation 5 minutes or the full blown summer escape, enjoy every moment. Then settle back and share the vacation stories!