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Historical Stories

Historical Stories

I am working my way through a blitz of storytelling shows and it is so much fun to move from venue to venue. I have been reaching so many people in the last couple weeks with stories and have met some awesome people.

I have to remember that even when I am doing multiple shows in a week that for the audience it needs to be a special occasion. I need to bring my best program and be at the top of my game for each performance.

If this next show is the first time people hear a storyteller, is my story ready and one they will remember. I am working hard to bring together shows that have a good arc to the performance and a great tie in to the theme or the location.

A all Ct History show at Wallingford Historical Society was a lot of fun they are some of my favorite stories. Then I did 2 nights of haunted and historical at the Coventry Historical Society Enchantingly Haunted Hikes, The Tipi Telling Birthday party was about as unique a venue as you could want! What a fun collection of traditional Native American stories I was able to share, along with my personal Cows Out story when we had some bovine gate crashers. The next was a benefit performance for Heifer Project held at Willimantic Congregational Church. Tomorrow I’m at a nursing home and Thursday you will find me on top of Wolf Rock to tell Wolf Stories to 3 rd graders.

Where ever I am, I need to bring my best effort, and my camera don’t want to miss these wonderful storytelling events and locations.