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Rosa’s Voice Book Review

Rosa’s Voice by Barbara Connery  –  Book Review


Time to order books for your classroom. Don’t miss this empowering book! Barbara Connery has penned an important book for young people to read. The discovery of the power of public speaking and the confidence to represent yourself and bigger ideas is well portrayed in Barbara’s main character Rosa. The story goes from a classroom speech activity to powerful recitations by selected students at Ford’s Theater and the Lincoln Memorial.

There are students just waiting to be inspired and find a stage for their voices and thoughts. I highly recommend Rosa’s Voice as a gateway book for youth to develop self-confidence, a voice for change, and have a dream.

Power In the Classroom – Storytelling Ellis Island

The room hushed, eyes all looked expectantly toward the guest. She stood at the front of the classroom, took a deep breath and held the trance a few extra seconds. Her words spilled out. At first the words came in a soft trickle then stronger as the story grew. The story character climbed the gang plank… Continue Reading

Prompt July 4 Family Stories

 July 4th and you are planning a picnic. Nothing newsworthy just some family and friends coming over. This year make it special,  collect a few memories from your guests. Ask ahead for a couple of favorite recipes to prepare and share. Be sure everyone gets a copy of the recipe to take home. Then ask for the story behind… Continue Reading

Cloud  Story Garden

Cloud Story Garden

     I was flying south this week and marveled at the incredible cloud formations . Leaving a snow and ice filled Connecticut I flew to Detroit over an ocean of  rolling sea like clouds. Great furrows and ripples small, decorated the  sky below our wing. Some clouds were of cotton candy consistency and others looked… Continue Reading

A Lobster Will  Help Promote a Program

A Lobster Will Help Promote a Program

Is a picture worth a thousand words? It is when I can make my photography hobby works to promote my storytelling programs!  1  lobster + 1000 words photo value +  25 words script = Super way to  let people know about an event. This is a pre-conference seminar I’m leading at Sharing the Fire Northeast Storytellers Conference in Albany,… Continue Reading