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American Mustang Horse From the Bottom Up

American Mustang Horse From the Bottom Up

Connecticut has many horses living here but one who is here temporarily is developing quite a story. Lil’ Joe Wrangler is 3. A small bay with a brave heart. He was culled from the Utah Wild Horses and sent on a journey to be part of the Extreme Mustang Makeover.

Lil Joe was picked up at Blain TN. by CT. horse trainer Geoff Goodson. He has 100 days to take Lil Joe from wild Mustang to fearless equine competitor.

Geoff knows horses from the bottom up. He began like so many horse lovers with a pony, then an Arabian and off track Thoroughbreds. He devoured everything in print on horsemanship and continued. While in college he apprenticed with Farrier Ted Trask and began learning the art and science of shoeing a horse. 1992 he attended the Eastern School of Farriery. He continued his education in farrier work through further apprenticeships and opportunities began to unfold.

      It was after a second adventure training Brumbie horses in Australia  and a lot of time training with Dennis Reiss and accumulating 12 endorsements from Reiss Ranch that Geoff knew he was ready. His broad background and understanding of form and function of the horse make his style
horse centered. Lil Joe and Geoff are a little over 30 days into the training period and Oct. 19-21,2012  Clemson, SC and the big competition comes closer day by day.

                                               Some 30 days ago the goal was touch!

 Not letting a CT. heat wave slow progress Geoff found a cool way to work with Lil Joe!

A long trail ride with Lil Joe who doesn’t appear to be all that impressed with the scenic view.  Conquer the mountain and the lake in 30 days is a good beginning.  By October  Lil Joe will be ready to shine at the  Extreme Mustang Makeover in Clemson SC.

You can follow regular posts about the work with  Lil Joe on Geoff’s Facebook page at :!/doublegfarrier

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