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Weather Vanes; Story Resources Part 5

Weather Vanes; Story Resources Part 5

The Flag Weather Vane

Barbara Fritchie  “shoot if you must this old gray head…but spare your countries flag she said…”

In the Revolutionary War famous naval battle with Capt. John Paul Jones his capture of the British ship Serapsis marked by the flag raised, a historic flag we don’t see often today.

John Paul Jones Bio and important battle descriptions can be found here:
No section on the American Flag would be complete without a link to info on  Francis Scott Key; see what the Smithsonian has to offer on the author of our National Anthem:

There is a particular code of flag etiquette. “Do It Best” describes in this video.

Looking to buy a reproduction historical flag? try

Closing the flag section of resources today a tribute by Johnny Cash!

                            The Motorcycle  Weather Vane

Harley  Stories
4 guys in a small 10×15 wooden shed begin tinkering. Finally a motorcycle rolls out the door. Harley Davidson is born. The original motorcycle was ridden by 5 owners and rolled on for 100,000 miles!

Here is a link to the Harley site that   shows the original 10×15 factory used by William Harley and Arthur Davidson to create the motorcycle legend!

WWII Motorcycles

The Arrow Weather Vane

Black Arrow Though the weather vane is gilded  all arrows remind me of a favorite story by Robert Louis Stevenson and in this video clip you can see the NC Wyeth illustrations from the 1916 version! Great author, Great artist – perfect combination!
The Black Arrow

Bow and Arrow / Archery
How about a view of the 2004 Olympic Archers

The Most Well Known Archer? Robin Hood! here is a link to Robin Hood in legend, lore and landscape.


Where was Robin Hood leader of the Merry Men?  This link to the Robin Hood Society, Google Map of Robin’s  territory: the society at:

and a new legend begins of an archer of similar acclaim in eye and aim:

Which ever way the wind blows there is certain to be a good story waiting to be brought to life and shared!

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