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Little Lebanon Llama

I was driving through the town of Lebanon CT. a place so steeped in colonial American history, but on this day it wasn’t the classic colonials, the mile long green or the  huge church spire that caught my eye. My attention was grabbed by a tiny creature just over the fence from the road. I stopped the car, backed  up and pulled off along side this new little life. How lucky that day my camera bag was in the co-pilot seat. Inspired by the long lashes and inquisitive little face I got out and took a few bits of  video and created a little short movie.
  Let me introduce you to the Little Lebanon Llama.

This sent me in search of links to Llama stories.

Amazon has the classic story Is Your Momma A Llama?

Here is a Llama Lover Support Group:

A Wonderful Story of Roger the Guard Llama

From the Andrew Lang Fairy Tale Collection – Lilac Book

I’m always attracted to the animal stories! To the animals as well, I have been fortunate to be able to get to know a huge assortment of creatures over the years.

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