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One Hour Vacations

One Hour Vacations

I need a vacation!!!

The reality is that a vacation right now is out of the question. I’m not even available for a day trip. It is time for the entrance of the One Hour Vacation. Like a super hero flying in with red cape in the breeze, the one hour vacation swoops in and carries me off to some remote place of peace and refreshes my energy and outlook. I get more work done after a one hour vacation.  Sometimes I take an even shorter break to rejuvenate sagging spirits and energy.

                             Here my one hour vacation was fishing in Mansfield Hollow ( CT) at sunset

Caffeine is a wonderful thing but it is not a substitute for the  peace gained in escaping for an hour! Calling it “vacation” is a mind trick to help me get the most of the time.

Goodbye frenzied schedule

Goodbye deadlines that loom large on the horizon

Goodbye workload and cluttered desk

I’m on vacation….see you in an hour

It takes a little time and space for me to clear the clutter in my mind. It takes getting away from the desk and the computer screen! Sometimes I actually think about what I was working on, the distance seems to give powers of reflection a stronger presence. I’ve come home with decisions made.

The sound of water is soothing for a raw spirit and I found an hour at Eagleville Falls a perfect elixir for busy day.

Racing off to work and needing that deep breath before I move from one project into another I have even found a one minute break will help clear my thoughts like a fresh palette for a painter.  The video I took in Mansfield Hollow allowed me to enjoy the break one day and then on replay reap those benefits again and again.

Other breaks might be for music or reading or another activity.
Take a moment to reflect on what makes you feel better. Leave your suggestions in the comment box below of other one hour retreats I might try.