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My Web Presence is Dead

My Web Presence is Dead

And Other Fear Factors

      This is your chance to  get over those technology fears and begin to build web presence for marketing through my workshop. Announcing the  4 hour in-depth version to be given in March.

It is being offered to anyone, as a pre-conference  at Sharing the Fire the Northeast Storytelling Conference sponsored by Lanes  March 16 from 1-5 p.m.  in Albany, New York. All the details are on the Lanes website.

This is not just for storytellers, this will help anyone wanting a better grasp of the major platforms of the web. Artists, small business owners, agriculture business, Non Profits, social groups and more can benefit!  Everyone is welcome at Sharing the Fire!

Can you send an email? Do you have a lap top  that can come to the workshop with you? We will begin your campaign to  build a web presence from the ground up.

I promise to tell the story of how my web presence REALLY  was dead!
I will share  how I fixed it, what’s next, and how you can work to fix yours.

Don’t think you are going to sit there tied to your lap top for 4 hours…NO WAY!  This workshop will be fun and full of action.

This is what was said about the 90 minute version given at the 2011 CT.Storytelling Festival:

“This workshop validated what I was doing right, how to improve on what I was
doing, and how I could increase my presence even more. The hand out sheets
will not be used for scrap but uploaded into my resources page of my
computer. I have attended networking workshops in the past, but this one
spoke in a language I could understand and gave me time to ask questions. My
only drawback it could have been longer..and the facilitator set time limits
on the responses from the audience. I would highly recommend this workshop
to be extended for next year and if necessary, I would pay an additional
cost to attend. It is what we need as Artist to get through the tech mire
of the computer world.”

Gwendolyn Quezaire-Presutti

“Carolyn took us through the basic steps but gave us so much more in the process. She seemed to know what our fears and our questions were and answered them before we could even ask. She gave clear and insightful information and encouragement to try new things and why it is important to do so.”
Chris Rothe

Hear is the magic wand granting their wish for a longer workshop….  4 hours of dedicated time!

Did you want to learn more about Facebook and your business, how about twitter, what’s that all about?

I tube, do you-tube?  Making you-tube bring  people to your website. Blog anyone? How about a simple effective website, you can do that too!
I know, I know…you are really busy and there is a lot to learn. We will take it one step at a time, get you started on some fun projects and focus on what you want most out of this.

This Grandma, farm wife, storyteller wants to help you get  over your fears and get in gear!
                                                          If I can do it – so can YOU!
                  Go To and register for the  pre-conference today!
                                                        See you in New York!

Sharing The Fire State of Mind – Albany

Sharing The Fire State of Mind – Albany

Come to Albany New York ¬†join storytellers from all over the Northeast in getting into a New York State of Mind! Sharing the Fire Storytelling Conference March 16,17,18, 2012 info: Ride Share Info on the Lanes website League for the Advancement of New England Storytelling and YOU! I’ll be sharing a pre-conference workshop… Continue Reading

Once Upon a Time…Sharing the Fire

Once Upon a Time…Sharing the Fire

Once upon a time that was really 2011, storytellers converged at the Lanes Sharing the Fire Conference. They were so excited to share a weekend of learning, swapping, meals, stories,  music, dancing and more…. The committee from Lanes stayed up way past their bedtime working to make everything just right! Hotel Security stayed up really late… Continue Reading

Sleighing to Sharing the Fire

Sleighing to Sharing the Fire

The  weather seems to think we need to break the record for all time low temps in the Northeast! That just means we need to have more people SHARING THE FIRE!  March 18-20, 2011 at the Crowne Plaza Warwick, Rhode Island storytellers from around the Northeast will gather and share in warm stories, warm hearts,… Continue Reading