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Happy New Year!  Top 10  Favorites of 2011

Happy New Year! Top 10 Favorites of 2011

My blog that was most read  was about the fun game Rory’s Story Cubes!

Favorite Photo of 2011:

because I was riding in the Hot Air balloon when I took this! At Fort Hill Farms
Thompson, CT.
Favorite Video of the year that I made:

Blue Hill’s Jassper using the 1800’s treadmill to demonstrate corn chopping! I adore Jassper! Thanks John and Mellissa Lavoie of Sew on and Sew  & Blue Hill Donkeys Franklin CT. for bringing Jassper out! ( find them on Facebook)

                       Big Day in 2011

My Son Tim graduated High School  Congratulations! 

Sweetest Moment 2011

At my Grandsons Baptism

Most Beautiful Venue for my storytelling:

I was there Dec. 23  with my epic tale Christmas Spirits

Most beautiful venue for my announcing:

Tunbridge, VT. The Lippitt Show  Preserving the old style foundation Morgan Horse

Big Projects 2011 there is a tie between  VoiceMail  an open mic for Storytelling ( we’re on Facebook)

and Campus Slammer a project I worked on for  Connecticut Storytelling Center

                            Making this clip was lots of fun too! Thanks to friend Kelly!

Most Excitement Announcing

                                 Cowboy Mounted Shooting – The Northeast Regionals in NH
                             the host clubs:   

Thanks to Some of My 2011 Venues

Thanks to Some of My 2011 Venues

The community in Hampton CT. on Memorial Day                  The Orr Family at Fort Hill Farms, Thompson , CT.                                                                                                                    The Northeast Regional Cowboy Mounted Shooting Competition                                          The Guilford Fair Donkey and Mule Show  (CT) The Lippitt Show – Tunbridge, VT.  Lippitt Morgan Horses    Karen Swanburg and  Mint… Continue Reading