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STF 30 Years, 3 Days, 12 Ways

Here is a musical mashing of an old tune  to celebrate the 30 years of Sharing the Fire the 3 days of the  Northeast Storytelling Conference and the 12 different ways to enjoy a visit to Warwick RI.

Set to the tune Twelve Days of Christmas ( highlights are for singing it back 12  to 1) my apologies to the original  creator of 12 Days!

On the First day of Sharing the Fire your GPS quit enroute
you got  ( and) directions from the one police station

On  the second day of STF you learned  about Warwick,
TWO  Greene’s are National Hero’s

On the Third day of STF your mentor said to  thee
There are 3 museums in  the town  for you to see

on the fourth day post STF  you declared in glory
4 libraries

On the fifth day post STF your spouse announced to you I should have gone,
 5 Golf Courses!

On the 6 th day post STF you remembered that you heard
6 tellers in the Fri., night concert

On the seventh day post STF you talked about
7 Talented tellers in  Sat eve olio

On the  eighth day post STF you wished the weather permitted visits to
8 Beautiful Beaches

Nine days after Sharing the Fire still digesting
9 workshops in skills and creating story

Ten days post STF were you one of the lucky
10 participants in Loren’s intensive

Eleven day after our conference and we’re still emailing
11 Old friends visited

Twelve days after Sharing the Fire we pay honor to 30 years of STF & Warwick’s
12 famous citizens

LANES Crew 2010