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Prompt July 4 Family Stories


 July 4th and you are planning a picnic. Nothing newsworthy just some family and friends coming over. This year make it special,  collect a few memories from your guests. Ask ahead for a couple of favorite recipes to prepare and share. Be sure everyone gets a copy of the recipe to take home. Then ask for the story behind the recipe, ask for memories of events where that food was shared.

Now your guests are warmed up, ask about favorite memories of past July 4th celebrations. Was the memory a parade, a cabin at the lake, a sweltering city day, a workday made special by a particular memory?

Here are some prompts to get your guests talking:

1.) Do you remember a significant fireworks moment?

2.) Who was annoying with firecrackers?

3.) When was your favorite 4th of July and why?

4.) We are celebrating American Independence, what moment in American history is most significant to you?

5.) Where were you when something historic happened?

6.) Did you ever meet or know an American Hero?

7.) Who in your family went to war?

8.) What American historical site has moved your emotions?

9.) When you were a child what was the 4th of July like?

10.) America has had some sad moments too, is there one that stands out in your memory, why?

Be prepared before the questions and answers start! Have a recording device ready, take notes, get a photo of the speaker. Plan a way to preserve these memories for generations to come.

One story often triggers another. Be ready for the memory to spark another story, keep the video camera rolling.

After the story ask for last names, place names, relationship to characters in the story. Clear up the unknowns while you have the family member present.

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