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Review Salt and the Sea by Sean Buvala

Salt and the Sea

By Sean Buvala Illustrated by Kseniia Panchenko

The cover of Salt and the Sea captured me from the moment I saw it. Of course, I would choose a book with an adorable puppy on the cover to share with my grandchildren. In picture book fashion the few words are concise and rhythmic enticing the reader to keep going on the adventure with Salt the pup. The rich colorful art is a feast for the eyes as Salt goes below the waves to meet sea creatures. We played color identification, seek and find in the pages and expanded the story with questions. Salt and the Sea is a perfect book for sharing with a child to grow a love of reading and discovery of worlds outside our own.

A Lobster Will  Help Promote a Program

A Lobster Will Help Promote a Program

Is a picture worth a thousand words? It is when I can make my photography hobby works to promote my storytelling programs!  1  lobster + 1000 words photo value +  25 words script = Super way to  let people know about an event. This is a pre-conference seminar I’m leading at Sharing the Fire Northeast Storytellers Conference in Albany,… Continue Reading