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Book Review Dream Country

Book Review:  Dream Country

by Luanne Rice

What treasure does a library hold? I found one this week when I selected Dream Country by Connecticut author Luanne Rice. While there was a broad selection of her books on the shelf at my local library I was drawn to this red-gold cover. When I read the description I knew why. The setting of the book was Connecticut and Wyoming. After reading Green Grass of Wyoming, My Friend Flicka, and other Western stories, I dreamed of that big sky country as a child. They planted a seed that fed my need for the outdoors that has lasted a lifetime. This book reignited that flame.

I read Dream Country with rapt attention. The characters were intriguing, especially Daisy with her mystical powers to craft jewelry with powers of love. Woven into the story was a thread of Native American beliefs, and powers that Daisy had acquired. As the story unfolds and moves across the continent a gripping strand of events leaves the heart palpitating and the reader flipping pages. There was a mystery that drove my curiosity to find a resolution, to solve the anguish of a family. The ending drew all the strands together much like a Native American blanket it was an  intricate, and tightly woven tale.


Review: Project Solomon

Book Review: Project Solomon By Jodi Stuber and Jennifer Marshall Bleakley   A poignant true story of an inspired partnership between Jodi Stuber and her horse Solomon has rippled across a broad community. What can rescue horses do for people who need rescue? Jodi answers that through her prayerful narrative of a life enriched through… Continue Reading

Review Slater Mountain – The Journey

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Little Lebanon Llama

I was driving through the town of Lebanon CT. a place so steeped in colonial American history, but on this day it wasn’t the classic colonials, the mile long green or the  huge church spire that caught my eye. My attention was grabbed by a tiny creature just over the fence from the road. I stopped the… Continue Reading