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Bald Eagle  Internet Sensation & My  Hawk

Bald Eagle Internet Sensation & My Hawk

Feeling Patriotic? We are!

Humbled by the majesty of our National Bird the Eagle and by the  tenderness of motherhood

over 100,000 at once have been logged onto the u-stream live cam from Decorah Iowa watching these Eagles hatch. Now that is viral video! We still need connections with nature and beauty and the magic of birth and for the Eagle the triumph over near extinction. Click here to see a taped segment where you  can view the hatchlings.

                                        Bald eagle pair and hatchlings become an Internet sensation

I am a fan of Birds of Prey. I have a friendly Red Tail Hawk I talk with, crazy as that sounds. I held him in my arms once when he was hit by a car and had a concussion. He survived and has raised a family.  Here a Hawk, eats a breakfast. He was not about to leave this fat rabbit just because  I was there with a dozen students and we were taking pictures.

                                                                             Magnificent Birds !