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Secret 6 of Boston Supply Guns to Raid

Secret 6 of Boston Supply Guns to Raid

Guns in cases labeled Bibles or Books
    That was how guns were shipped from Boston to Kansas in support of the abolitionist movement before the Civil War began.  Six men of the greater Boston area bankrolled the movement to make Kansas a free state ( slave free)  and to provide leader John Brown with the money and supplies needed to bring about his plan to create an uprising and free the slaves.

Saturday I attended a program  in Framingham Ma. about  Julia Ward Howe and the Men of the Secret 6. Julia is most well known for writing the words to the Battle Hymn of the Republic. A first person account of these men and their connection to Julia was performed by storyteller Libby Franck a Framingham resident. There was an impressive amount of history personalized and  brought out in this performance. The execution of her demeanor,costume, language, the dates and correspondences of the time were consistently in the time period and style.
          Fundraiser is not a new thing. The Secret 6 raised much of their funds through spirited talks and  political connections in the Boston area. This group was well spoken, well travelled , successful in business and life pursuits, and inspired to bring about the change so needed.


Storyteller Libby Franck as Julia Ward Howe


WHO WERE THE SECRET 6? Here are their pictures I took these at the performance ( sorry a couple a tad out of focus but I had no others)

                     Dr. Samuel Gridley Howe husband to Julia Ward Howe

Franklin Sanborn and Theodore Parker

                          Thomas “Wentworth” Higganson

                                    (below) Gerrit Smith

                  George Luther Stearns – I wanted to learn more about this Stearns!

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Libby Franck   for more information on programs of  The Secret 6 and Julia Ward Howe and  other topics.   Come out to their buildings, events and touch the local history they have preserved for you!