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What does this writer’s retreat need?

Writer’s Retreat

Would you like a personal writer’s retreat?

There are days most writers would like to escape somewhere to get some work done in peace. Close that laptop, walk out the door, and enter a sanctuary. Think how far from home are you willing to go?

I would like a retreat out in the woods, far from the house, traffic, and distractions like the refrigerator! LOL!!

I saw a perfect little writer’s cabin for sale in town, I’m just dreaming here.

Let me ask, what would you add to it, leave your ideas in the comments!

Take the tour of the cabin: https://youtu.be/MefKnJzYuCk

Where I would put it:

They make other things too

Interview with author Carolyn Stearns

Carolyn, what are you currently working on as an author? I am working on revisions to my new novel Christmas Letters. I have a self-imposed timeline to get it out by late summer – early fall. The push is due to the fact that it is a Christmas-time story and after January sales and readership… Continue Reading

New Book Coming

Working my way toward the final production and publishing of Thirteen Spooky Stories. I am still looking for the perfect photo for the cover. I would prefer to use a local spooky photo. A foggy moment at Gardner Lake a moment on the airline trail with wispy fog or eerie light, a winter night at… Continue Reading

Editing – Labor of Love

Editing – Labor of Love   Writing is a labor of love. Lately it is the labor piece of that saying that has caught my attention. I have to get my edits done and they are a long slow labor to go through the manuscript. It is during the work of edits that I once… Continue Reading

Day 15 NaNoWriMo 2019 Novel Challenge

Today is day fifteen. Yes, I’m fifteen days into a novel writing challenge. www.nanowrimo.org challenges writers each November (they have for 20 years) to write a 50,000 word novel in thirty days! October I did a little preparation. That came in the form of making some character bios and thinking about my story line- the… Continue Reading