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Christmas Letters Blog 1

Blog 1 Christmas Letters


The countdown to my new book Christmas Letters is well on its way and gaining speed! Launch day is set for July 29, 2-5 pm at The Vineyard at Hillyland in Scotland/Windham CT. Check out their website to learn more about the former dairy farm turned vineyard.  I am planning a few blogs to introduce you to this new book and the wonderful message of service and hope spanning 100 years.

Keep up with the countdown activities from my social media presence. I can’t wait to share the cover reveal and the box opening when they arrive. Where will you find me on Social? I am on Facebook, Instagram, Threads, Twitter, Instagram, Mastodon/Party, and You-Tube.

Here is a popular You-Tube I made about a writer’s cabin

More about Christmas Letters. This book is set on a Connecticut dairy farm in 2017. The fictional family has a multi-generational history on their farm. Sharon is my main character, she lives in the family homestead, and her husband Paul is serving in Afghanistan. A trip to the attic reveals a box of 100-year-old letters written by Paul’s great-great-grandparents when they were separated by WWI. With a Christmas backdrop, there is plenty of tradition and family intermixed with their country life.

I am so excited to have you read this story. It resonated strongly with my military sensitivity readers, editor, proofreader, and the author of my forward. (I will introduce him in another blog)

Have I piqued your curiosity? Check out my Pinterest image and link collection for this book.    Check back next week for more news!

Signs I’m NOT in Downtown Mansfield

Signs I’m NOT in Downtown Mansfield

        Signs I’m NOT in Downtown Mansfield                                                                                                                                     contents under pressure caution ahead Parking Lots water color memories                                                 Make Hay While the Sun Shines                                                                                                                                                     Oh Deer! Hometown Pleasures                                                                          Whoa!                                                                                                                          Water everywhere but not a drop to drink                                                                                                                                                     homegrown                                                                                                                                          Girls Night Out                                                        I Love Mansfield, CT.                    Continue Reading

Snow Emergencies Strain CT. Agriculture Industry

Snow Emergencies Strain CT. Agriculture Industry

Snow Emergencies have struck Connecticut Agriculture a terrible blow.  The video shows the removal of the 14th horse from this barn  that collapsed under the weight of snow and ice.  Every day this week the news outlets have carried reports of more roofs in danger of collapse or in many case gone down.  The total loss… Continue Reading