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History 300 & Coventry Farmers Market

History 300 & Coventry Farmers Market

     Adventuring in local history I find a web of connections to the state, nation and world. No historical event is singular, each is a domino, or a thread, like I found today in Coventry, CT. This web between historic headstones is an example of how the story and history of one connects to the next. I found so many pieces of Coventry history today, with so many threads to other pieces of history, and took so many photos I decided to do a blog series in honor of the town’s 300th Celebration.!/coventry.connecticut

I began my day at Coventry Farmers Market – it is one of the best in New England. It is held on the grounds of  the Nathan Hale Homestead. Wouldn’t the Hale family be pleased that families still look to their farm as a place to get vegetables and farm product. People came out in droves today to sample, and visit, eat and learn about food.!/CoventryFarmersMarket


I found delicious Heritage apples – a Rusted Pippin variety, not the Newton Pippin I had hoped for ( the blooms froze in spring) but a delicious variety none the less, an apple the Hale family might have enjoyed. Heritage varieties give us an idea what they favored  long ago, I also had wonderful heritage variety tomatoes. At Coventry Farmers Market you can eat history!

  My adventure led me on, stopping on the  way out to watch Cedar Knoll give wagon train rides in the Holy Grove.


Sept. 29, 2012 there will be a huge parade in Coventry to honor the 300th. Then at 1 p.m. I will perform a timeline of historical stories at the Booth and Dimock Library on Main St. That is why I am in research mode, I’m looking to find some unique voices, fitting descriptions, and unusual angles, I am hoping my stories will be the historical stories they thought they knew, delivered in a new light.

Next stop; the Green where the militia practiced, now a memorial. Come back soon or follow/subscribe to my blog to see future postings on the Coventry, CT 300th and all the stories in between.

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