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Museum of Life and Science Durham NC

Museum of Life and Science Durham NC

Today I visited the Museum of Life and Science  at 433 W. Murray Ave. Durham, NC 27704 What a great day we had!

Toddlers, Moms and Grandmas all found things to truly enjoy. My breath was taken away by the magic of the butterfly house. The girls had so much fun on the Dinosaur Trail.

 We walked the paved road to the Wildlife exhibits. The weather had shifted over night from the cold dreary gray to warm sun and blue skies and it was this weather that must have made the animals so happy they we out and about. There was a bear bathing at the waterfall. After bear shook off he ran across the incredibly well designed and extra large compound to challenge his friend to a wrestling match. What a treat to witness the natural joy of spring.
Watch a video of the bears:

On to the Lemur compound. Here the ring tail wonders were very active. This compound gave them natural environment with the  added attraction of  playing landscaping.  Our bugs, butterflies, dinosaurs and farm animals wore us all out and we didn’t even explore the  Catch the Wind section. On my next trip to North Carolina I am going to be sure to visit the  Museum of Life and Science with my Grandchildren, I recommend you visit too.

                                                              Caboose is at the end!
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