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My Book Family is Growing

This summer my book family will grow with the edition of Christmas Letters that will be launched on July 29 at The Vineyard and Hillyland in Scotland, CT. If you are new to my writing or have missed a title let me introduce you to the family.

How Far is Safe? was my first novel and is appropriate for ages 8 and up. More adults than kids have been reporting that they read this and enjoyed the tale. The main characters are a boy and his beloved donkey. The time setting is the 1890’s and the setting is rural Pennsylvania. That makes this book historical fiction. I say this book comes right from my heart. It is inspired by rescue donkeys I have met. There are strong strands of the value of kindness and empathy.

Mystic Girl was my second published book. This one is geared toward girls and horse lovers and any who love Norse Mythology. My main character in this book is Gaia a child living in Mystic Connecticut. She rides horses at the home of her mom’s friend. As she struggles she is befriended by Odin and Thor the Viking gods. (Also Marvel characters but here in their more traditional personas). This was such a fun writing project twisting the mythology through the text.

The next book I published is Thirteen Spooky Stories from Mysterious Connecticut. This  collection of short stories is easy to read and not bloody or gory at all. I write spooky as a suggestive text to make the reader wonder if the ghosts and apparitions mentioned could possibly exist. If you live near me these are fun sites to visit. If not, there is enough here to make these stories fit into your local area. In these pages you will find ghost trains and a mysterious lake, a young woman wandering, a story of old friends and more.

My next book Christmas Letters is an adult novel. It takes place in 2017 but there are many letters within that are dated during WWI, 1917. The setting of this upcoming book is a family dairy farm in northern Connecticut. I think you will enjoy this uplifting story of love, hope and family et in the holiday season. Keep following me here on my blog, send an email address to get on my mailing list, and or follow on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Mastodon.

A link for this book will be available July 29, 2023

Covered Bridge and My Book

Covered Bridge and My Book             It’s Saturday and that means a dozen errands that added up over the week and eat in to writing and family time. I try to add some side adventure, curiosity or food stop to make the necessary more enjoyable. Today we were off to get repair parts for the… Continue Reading

Editing – Labor of Love

Editing – Labor of Love   Writing is a labor of love. Lately it is the labor piece of that saying that has caught my attention. I have to get my edits done and they are a long slow labor to go through the manuscript. It is during the work of edits that I once… Continue Reading

Connecticut Donkey & Mule Show Makes the Papers

Connecticut Donkey & Mule Show Makes the Papers

Ring of Fire Scene from the Bishop Orchard Show in 2010 Save May 7, 2011 to come to Guilford,CT. for the  Annual Donkey and Mule Show                                                                    Click on the link below to see the article from  “THE DAY” The Day – Kim Brockett Helps Educate, Entertain News from southeastern Connecticut You will see all kinds… Continue Reading

Donkeys Just Wanna Have Fun!

Donkeys Just Wanna Have Fun!

Coming into the ring for your viewing pleasure the obstacle class for donkeys. Let’s see how our exhibitors have trained their donkeys to work their way through the obstacles. Then there will be the riding and the driving classes. Yes, they let donkeys drive but it has to be an automatic…….. well couldn’t resist the… Continue Reading

A-MAZE-ING Give A Donkey an Ice Cream Cone

A-MAZE-ING Give A Donkey an Ice Cream Cone

Summer was soooo boring for Jassper and Tabasco, just green grass …. and more green grass. Jassper and Tabasco needed a DAYCATION! Their owner understood when they told him. After work one day they were loaded in the Corn Pro Trailer to go on a Daycation trip. How Excited Jassper and Tabasco were. They were… Continue Reading