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Lil Joe, A Mustang HorseAdventure

Lil Joe, A Mustang HorseAdventure

              A100 Day Extreme Mustang Makeover is underway and Lil Joe a Utah Wild Mustang is the star.Trainer Geoff Goodson has been working with Joe to help him become a trusted equestrian partner.

Want to learn more about the trainers and the competition with these Mustang Horses check their home:
      It all began when Geoff picked up Lil Joe in Tenn. and brought him home to CT. to begin his serious training for the competition in Clemson, SC on Oct 19-21. What did Lil Joe know at the start of 100 days? Essentially nothing, he is a 3 year old Wild Mustang from the Utah wild Mustang herd. His youth was spent in the wind and weather now with steady groceries and work he is beginning to shine like star!

      Lil Joe has been out and about.He has travelled to remote trail ride locations, gone swimming on a  hot day, and does ring work with trail obstacles in the workout.

      Lil Joe needs your help too. He has to have some experience with other horses, a show atmosphere and, travelling to an event and home again. You can meet Lil Joe in New York. Rose Wal Farm is hosting a Ground School Clinic at their facility  Sept. 20,30, 2012
RoseWal Farm ~
414 Bull Hill Road
Gilboa, NY 12076

       (607) 588-6340       Fax: (607) 588-6341

       This clinic will be led by Geoff Goodson trainer and help you move ahead with your training project.  If you need help with  the key components of Ground Work this is a clinic for you with the bonus of meeting Lil Joe before his big day at Clemson, SC.

A second opportunity to see Lil Joe before his Clemson debut is at:

Rouned Stone Farm: Don’t forget to mark the date of October 6th when Carla Cataldi, Round Stone Farm will graciously host Little Joe and Geoff as they perform their compulsory work and Freestyle in preparation for the Extreme Mustang Makeover in SC. 

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