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New Year Photo Scavenger Hunt

Time for some individual or family fun. Make it a competition or do it for arts sake. Join in to get out of the house. Share your photos on social media with the hashtag #PhotoScavengerHunt

Scavenger Hunt Photo Checklist


Take the Photos Share the Fun!

Brought to you by


☐ Volunteering

☐ Absorbed

☐ Welcoming

☐ Working

☐ Playing

☐ Pair

☐ Hopeful

☐ Reflective

☐ Sporting

☐ Candid



☐ Woodland

☐ Waterway

☐ Colonial

☐ Official

☐ Community

☐ Inspired

☐ Thoughtful

☐ Challenging

To be Interpreted

☐ Stone

☐ Caution

☐ Mini

☐ Angular

☐ Strength

☐ Signed


☐ Restore

☐ Lighted

☐ Pieces

☐ Aisle

☐ Not a house

☐ Alternate Residence

☐ Vaulted

☐ Humble

A Little More Challenging

☐ Venue

☐ Empty

☐ Official

☐ Dark side

☐ Riveting

☐ Pricey

☐ Pathway

☐ Entrance

☐ Doorway

☐ Sight

☐ Flight

☐ Break

☐ Rare

☐ Unity

☐ Exchange

☐ Framed

☐ Abandoned

☐ Span

☐ Reverse

Animals etc

☐ Mother

☐ Close-up

☐ Feeding

☐ Alone

☐ Grooming

☐ Pair

☐ Running

☐ Wings

☐ In the Swim

☐ Group

☐ Feet

☐ Details

☐ At home

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Fairy Think-ets Game Review

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Think-Ets Game Review

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