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Review: Tales From The Hills By Mike Lockett

Review: Tales From The Hills By Mike Lockett

Tales From the Hills  A Storytelling CD by Mike Locket

         The soft mountain music eases us into the CD and whisks us away to a front porch nestled along a creek bed in the cusp of a Appalachian mountain. A tail of wood smoke curls down from a chimney and carries the scent of old apple wood and the rocker is squeaking out a rhythm old as time.

              The stories of Appalachia are as old as the people’s history and are timeless lessons delivered in a slow easy style. Jack a predominant character is up to his usual hi jinks. Somehow I can almost see the dusty footfalls as Lazy Jack tries to carry  a donkey on his back all the way home.  Jack’s feet and the hind feet of the donkey dragging down a dusty road in a century old tale.

             Mike Lockett is known as the Normal Storyteller. His work is not normal, it is extraordinary in its delivery of simple  classic stories told like he was on the spot the day the event happened. The CD Tales From The Hills has nine stories on it. With one story a night you could get the kids to rush to bed just to listen for a whole week and then some. Let Grandpa listen and use it to cue some family stories you won’t believe have been hidden all these years. Your turkey hunting friends are bound to love the tale about Jack’s hunt with only one bullet. You see there really is a little something for everyone on the CD.

                 Don’t think you need to rush to the store to find this.  What is not old fashioned is Mike’s easy way to acquire his story CD’s. Just go visit and you can download the CD right to your computer and burn it to a disc. It is so easy. In just 5 minutes you could be relaxing on a front porch listening to wonderful stories.
              A real treat would be to catch a live performance of the Normal Storyteller Mike Lockett. Check out his website   for more information on where you can hear him up close and personal – just like you were on that porch in the mountains.
Ichabod the donkey is all ears as he listens to the story of Lazy Jack and the donkey.   The Story of Lazy Jack and others from his CD, Tales From The Hills