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Star Island – My Favorite Place

Star Island – My Favorite Place

How exciting to see a post and link to a story about my favorite place in the world.  Star Island, is part of a cluster of islands known as the Isle of Shoals. It is just off the coast of New Hampshire and Maine, it is a place of such simple beauty and peace. A Facebook post alerted  me to an article see the link here.

Brigadoon like mist over Star Island as viewed from New Hampshire shore

I plan to look for 2 days we can escape to Star Island for a personal retreat. My luggage  will have binoculars and spotting scope, bird books, fishing gear, musical instruments, sketch pad, journal for writing, photography gear, a kite, swim suit and – oh I’ll need more days!!! I’m ready to go right now!

Star Island Slide Show  far better than my photo!!

Here is their Facebook link:!/StarIslandCorp

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