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See Me as I Am Book Review

See Me As I Am Book Review


Cheryl Wanner

Immortal Works 2023

I was drawn to purchase this book from an online conversation and hungrily dove into the reading. This was a book that made me stay up late and groggily pay the price the next morning! The dialog is well-paced and moves you through the story of a young woman who has been blind since age 12. Now 17 Jenny is a huge fan of a rock band from Ireland that comes to play in her Oregon city. There are twists and turns as family life, the rock band, and so many emotions compete as Jenny becomes the long-distance love interest of the band publicist. This book is labeled YA and will be an enlightening and gripping read for teens. I thoroughly enjoyed it and recommend it if you like romance and action in a realistic coming-of-age story. This one gets 5 stars and an extra coffee for me!

Ekaterina; My Favorite Book This Year

I introduce you to the debut novel from Tom Brillat, Ekaterina. Knowing the author as a storyteller and museum interpreter I couldn’t wait to see where his muse would take readers. Within a few chapters, I began having images of a roller coaster in my mind as I settled for the night after reading. The… Continue Reading

Everwud Book Three Revolution

To the classroom teachers, homeschoolers, and afterschool programs, have I found a trilogy for you! It took me a while to get to book three, sorry I waited. This book was such a satisfying culmination of the children’s adventures in our world and the magical one next door. Book Three can easily stand alone, when… Continue Reading

Rosa’s Voice Book Review

Rosa’s Voice by Barbara Connery  –  Book Review   Time to order books for your classroom. Don’t miss this empowering book! Barbara Connery has penned an important book for young people to read. The discovery of the power of public speaking and the confidence to represent yourself and bigger ideas is well portrayed in Barbara’s… Continue Reading

Half Broke Horses, a Book Review

Book Review: Half Broke Horses   Jeannette Walls   Are you looking for a heroine? I was given the book Half Broke Horses by Jeannette Walls, what a story! I owe my friend a huge thanks. I love a good story, adding horses, is even better. This novel is based on the life of the author’s… Continue Reading

Book Review: The Midnight Disease

Book Review: The Midnight Disease – The Drive to Write, Writer’s Block and the Creative Brain By: Alice W. Flaherty The cover caught my eye, the content blew my mind! This is an incredible book of deeply researched and experienced investigations of the creative mind and the troubles that prey upon it. The full spectrum… Continue Reading