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Weather Vanes  Story Resources  Part 7

Weather Vanes Story Resources Part 7

This is a really fantastic weather vane that adorns the top of the carousel building in Pullen Park Raleigh North Carolina.

This park not only has a carousel, but a mini train, boat rides, and amusements as well as impeccably maintained playgrounds. The Raleigh Community Arts Center, boast performance and class space for the arts and this park had two wonderful outdoor performance areas!

The east wind rabbit reminds me of these storytelling resources:
Thornton W. Burgess nature stories here a downloadable one of wind:
Rabbit wasn’t just atop the building he was the ride of dreams inside
Here is a resource for Brer Rabbit
and for Peter Rabbit Lovers:
This just makes me think of a chocolate rabbit!
Connecticut makes some mighty fine chocolate versions nearby at:
Billy Goat on the Weather vane  is different!  The  westerly wind goat was inside as well
Here it is stories right from goat owners to get you started in creating a character
From storyteller Diane ed Las Casas a goat story