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Mom Will You Be in a Ad?

Story, this ad has it. I connect with all the mothers. I remember weekends in bleachers, 5 a.m. at the pool, sunburn after a horse show. Coffee was a staple in the get the kids delivered shuttle I ran.

In just a couple minutes this ad takes us there, brings back those mornings and celebrates motherhood.This is a stellar example of storytelling in advertising/ marketing and it is aimed right here at me. I am like many of those Moms and missing the days when my kids were living Olympic dreams, or on a personal quest in athletic learning. I miss the shuttle, the quiet rides, the moments.

Now I am thinking how do we tell this story as a spoken word artist. I will watch it again, feel choked up, remember a morning so common among mornings and create a story that captures that special moment. Do you have a Mom  story?

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