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Weather Vanes Story Resources part 4

Weather Vanes Story Resources part 4

Here is a collection of resources on Deer  etc:

How Lizard Beat Big Deer  from storyteller Mike Lockett:

Deer Hunters Share their stories – how legends are made!

From The native American Cultures A Sampling:
Deer Woman:

 Seems to be some strong natural connection between storytellers and Moose, see below;

A whole herd lives up north known as Moose Tellers – can’t you just picture the circle of moose listening intently as they share stories!  Check out Moose Tellers here:

Another storyteller is quite often in the company of a moose!

One storyteller took on the name itself ,  Ed “Moose” Duke

From Greek Mythology and timed for the days around the winter solstice: The Myth of Halcyon:   

Ships stories: From world storytelling day videos, here is a water themed story that would make a perfect Story Slam entry, a ship tale from  a tall ship in the modern era!

Others in this series: